How to breed grapevine?

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I will share with you my experience in plant reproduction (especially grapes). This allows us undoubtedly to save money. Seedlings at garden shops are not cheap. Basically there are two main ways of plant reproduction:
- generative (seed)
- vegetative (woody cuttings, softwood cuttings, layering, division of the plant).

The advantage of vegetative propagation is that the resulting plants reproduce specific characteristics.

In the case of propagation from seed we can get a plant with slightly different characteristics.
As an example, plant reproduction by woodycuttings serve me vines.
This way you can reproduce the ninebark (Physocarpus), smoketree (Cotinus), tamarisk (Tamarix), privet (Ligustrum) and many others plants.
But, not all shrubs and trees can to breed in this way (eg hawthorn is resistant).

I describe this propagation step by step.

The first step is acquiring woody cuttings. In the case of vine we obtain them after the end of the growing season, or more simply, at the beginning of December.

In March, you should digg up woody cuttings. Burying them in the ground has protected them from freezing and moisture loss.

 Seedlings should be prepared. You should cut them about 0.5 - 1 cm below the lower bud.

This operation you should  do with a sharp knife, but to me, it can also be pruning shears. Some say that the pruning shears crush the stem. After a winter garden tools must be decontaminated so as not to carry diseases. Now you should cut off  a two buds in threebuds woodycutting. You can also cut off just one, so that from the two protruding buds grew beautiful green leaves.

In this way prepared cuttings you should put into a bottle of mineral water, with trimmed top. In the bottom and sides of  bootle you should make openings/hols for adequate amount of oxygen, and protect cuttings from rotting. The best mix in my opinion is garden soil mixed with sand. In the attached picture I used ground straight from the garden (not recommended).

So taken cuttings, place on the windowsill of the sunlit side. With watering, you should be very, very careful (not too little, not too much).

After two months, we'll see something like this...

and this...

  and after yaer or two...

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